Brighten – We Chose The King tab

soryy this isnt the greatest tab
but if any one has any corrections 
that would be great =)

The G* is this chord:e|----------3------------|B|----------- -----------|G|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|A|-------2---------------|E|-----------------------|
CAdd9 we'd drive for hours, if we ever had the time, G oh, oh, i am still around. Cadd9 he thought the hours turned to minutes when she smiled, G Cadd9 D Cadd9 oh, oh, and this time i thought i was wrong here. Caad9 G G* it's king versus queen, what side are you taking? D Cadd9 G 'cause i'll be waiting, i'll be waiting. the queen is waving, watch that evil in her eyes, oh, oh, i won't be around. the king is begging, don't you listen to the lies, oh, oh and this time please just don't belong here, and don't forget his heart. Cadd9 G G* if you could just see what caution i'm taking... D Cadd9 G 'cause i'll be waiting, i'll be waiting. Caad9 G in all this chaos, we found safety, Cadd9 G and i will never find this love again. G we're not going to take it. Chorus
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