Brighten - What She Really Wants tab

I had been waiting on someone to make a tab for this song 
til I finally just figured it out for myself. 
I'm not sure if this is right or not, but it sounds close to me. 
If you have any corrections or suggestions, go for it.

Capo 1st Fret


(You have to alternate between the A5 and A a couple of times before the E.
If you listen to the song, you'll get it)

A5  A  E

I'm asked to walk her to her car at night
That's my job when it's dark outside
                      D                   A
But what she really wants is to be by my side
I'm her blanket when it's five degrees
It's so cold, we can see when we breathe
                 D                     A
What she really wants is to be next to me

               E              D
I'll be her shelter while we wait
         E                   D
For our cab standing in the rain
         A              E
And it never seems to bother me...

A                                         F#m
I'm not giving in, you're not calling it quits
We have it too good now
    A          E       
And we, oh we love it how
I've been looking for, you've been waiting for
Somebody just like this
And we have it now
    E           D 
And we make it easy somehow

(Repeat Intro 1x)

Oh she's my music when I'm trying to sleep
When I forget the words, she knows everything
         D                         A
What I really want is to hear her sing
She's my feet when I cannot dance
She just loves it, and she doesn't laugh
             D                               A
And what I really love, she says I'm not so bad

F#m                                                D
You're the one who keeps the two of us from going overboard
       A                       E
I can see, you're too good for me
F#m                                         D
And we're the ones who will change love to what it used to be
So simple (so simple)
So sweet (so sweet)

              F#m  E  Dsus2
I don't wanna let you go
A                   D
Something I should know
              F#m  E  Dsus2
I don't wanna let you go, anymore


Chords Used:

A5     (002200)
A      (002220)
E      (022100)
D      (000232)
Dsus2  (000230)
F#m    (244222)

That's pretty much it.
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