Brighten – Forever In Love chords

IMPORTANT NOTE: No capo is required. The "x" represents the fact that you do not play
that string. The chords used are below, and the chords can be easily switched from one to
the next once you've got the basic manipulation of your hand down.

E (high fret, we'll call it "EHF")


E (low fret, will be labeled with a standard "E")


6 6 4
4 4 2
2 2 The beginning of the song starts out with this tab:
Once you've repeated this pattern twice, move to using actual chords:
EHF B7Love is a river that flows through the soul
A7 B7Straight to the heart of a man
EHF B7Our love forever lives deep
A7 B7In the palm of God's hands
A7 B7 C#m7 B7 A7Just as my heart woke it beat for you
A7 B7 C#m7 B7 A7Just as my mouth spoke it spoke for you
E A7Forever in love, forever in love with you
E A7Forever in love, forever in love with you
C#m7 B7 A7Only in love
C#m7 B7 A7Only in love
Chords for the bridge were listed early because the entire rest of the song follows the same chords (besides the bridge). If you're stuck on a part try experimenting with the given chords because it is relatively easy to figure out the chords for the song once you understand most of them. I recognize that these are not the exact chords, but they work for the song and in my opinion sound great. Brighten sings it very high, so experimenting with capo placing may be necessary.
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