Brighten - Single Millionaires tab version 1

Tuning: dropped 1/2 step, capo 2nd fret

Hey, so i used a chord finder on PT software and used it to get the chord names in 
tuning (well at least i hope they are right), but when the freting is applyed with the capo 
dropped tuning it works out properly.

|--E---Badd4-------Asus2---A/G---C#maj7-----Esus2--- Eadd11------||--0------0---------0-------0------0---------0---------0---------||--0------0---------0-------0------0---------0---------1---------||--1------4---------2-------6------6---------4---------2---------||--2------1---------2-------7------6---------4---------0---------||--2------2---------0-------7------4---------2---------0---------||--0------0---------0-------5--------------------------0---------|
E There's a man, on the corner, Badd4 with His hands holding tightly to his Asus2 Hat so it wont blow away. E With a girl, with her hands in her Pockets, Badd4 holding tightly to her Money, Asus2 so she wont blow it today. Its all the E Badd4 Asus2 same. Every day. E When he gets home from work Badd4 Theres his children already in bed Asus2 Without seeing his face today. E And the girl with empty pockets Badd4 Spent her money Asus2 She might as well just throw her wallet in the fireplace. A/G And she is the L and A he is the O E For us, liars Esus2 out there A/G And she is the V and A he is the E For the E violence in Esus2 everyone. C#maj7 Esus2 A And we might spell you, Eadd11 but we're Nothing like you. E When his kids grow up old and have Badd4 Children of their own, they swear They'll never Asus2 wear the same size hat their father wears. E And the girl, now a woman, says Badd4 Shes happy and thanks god for Jewelry Asus2 and single millionaires. A/G And she is the H and A he is the O E For us, humble Esus2 orphans. A/G And she is the P and A he is the E For E potential in Esus2 everyone. C#maj7 Esus2 A And we might spell you, Eadd11 But we're nothing like you. (END on E)
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