Britney Spears – Radar tab

Artist    : Britney spears
Album     : Blackout
Song      : Radar
Tabbed by : Kal.

Again with another acoustic chords from Britney's New album "BLACKOUT" this time i came 
"Radar" lol ..........

its really an Amazing Song but not my fave from Blackout Anyways I Tabbed this version 
Ear from a version on Youtube  ......

so i hope u like it  :)

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* capo can be used on 1st fret *But not Necessary"

*Tunning : Em , G , C , Am , B

Em G C Am Be|--0--'--3--'--0--'--0--'--0--|B|--0--'--0--'--1--'--1--'--4--|G|--0--'--0--'--0--'--2--'--4--|D|--2--'--0--'--2--'--2--'--4--|A|--2--'--2--'--3--'--0--'--0--|E|--0--'--3--'--X--'--0--'--0--|
Verse 1 : Em Confidence is a must G Cockiness is a plus C Edginess is a rush Am Edges (I like them rough) Em A man with the Midas touch G Intoxicate me, I'm a lush C Stop, you're making me blush Am People are looking at us Pre chorus : Em g C Am Em I don't think you know, know Chorus 1 : I'm checking it Em G So hot, so hot B Wonder if you know C You're on my radar Am On my radar Em And if I notice you G I know it's you B Choosin', C Don't wanna losin' your on my radar Am On my radar Em When you walk Em (When you walk) G And when you talk G (When you talk) C I get the tingle Am I wanna mingle Em That's what I want Em (That's what I want) G Hey listen baby Turn up the fader C Trying to make you understand Am You're on my radar Am On my radar Em On my radar G Got you on my radar C Got you on my radar Am <---- Strum Got you on my radar *Verse 2 : same as Verse 1 (Em , G , C , Am) *Pre chours : the same *Chorus : same as Chorus 1 I got my eye on you And I can't let you get away Em Hey baby G Whether it's now or later C You can't shake me Am Cause I got you on my radar Chorus X2 Enjoy Hope u liked this version If u do Plz don't forget to RATE & COMMENT
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