Britney Spears – Break The Ice tab

this is my fave song at the moment and these Chords were taken by ear & then got them 
by tonsjel who covered it on Youtube its  one of the easiest songs On earth i mean on 
LOL anyways I hope Y'all enjoy this one i LOVE IT

Artist : Britney spears
Song : Break the ice
Album  :Blackout
Tabbeb by : Kal M.
Email :

*Tunning : Standard
*Capo    : FIRST FRET (all relative to CAPO)  +++
*Chords used : Em , E , G , D , Am

Em E G D Ame|--0------0------3-----2-----0--|B|--0------0------0-----3-----1--|G|--0------1------0-----2-----2--|D|--2------2------0-----0-----2--|A|--2------2------2-----0-----0--|E|--0------0------3-----0-----0--|
Note at the begining (and in the background of the song) (when she's singing with a background singers saying AHH behind her hehe)
e|----0---7--323---00---7---323--|B|-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|D|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|(repeat as much as u need its cool anyways)E|-------------------------------|
Verse 1 (in the VERSE parts u use only Em chords) : Em I know it's been a while Em But I'm glad you came Em And I've been thinking 'bout Em How you said my name Em Got my body spinning Em Like a hurricane Em And it feels like Em You got me going insane Em And I can't get enough Em So let me get it up Pre-chorus 1 (E , G , C , Am) : E G Ooh, looks like we're alone now G You ain't gotta be scared D We're grown now I'm a hit defrost on ya Am Let's get it blazin' E G We can turn the heat up if you wanna D Turn the lights down low if you wanna D Just wanna move you Am But you're froze up Am (strum and let it ring) That's what I'm saying Chorus 1 (E , G , C , Am) : E Let me break the ice G Allow me to get you right G D Won't you warm up to me D Am Baby I can make you feel Am hot hot hot huuuuh !!! E Let me break the ice E G Allow me to get you right G D Won't you warm up to me D Am Baby I can make you feel Am Hot hot hot huuuuuuhhhh !! A lil instrumental part using (E , G , D ,Am) Verse 2 (use only Em) Pre-chorus 2 (use same as pre-chorus 1)(E , G , D , Am) Chorus 2 & 3 (same as chorus 1)(E , G , D , Am) ENJOY Y'ALL hope u like it and rate it ..................
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