Britney Spears – Shattered Glass tab

“Shattered Glass” – Britney Spears
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

Intro: Cm Bb Ab Cm 2x

Verse 1:
Cm                                                      Bb
Did I wake you, were you sleepinÂ’,were you still in my bed?
             Ab                     Cm
Or is a nightmare keepin' you up instead?
Cm                                           Bb
Oh baby, are you feelinÂ’ guilty for what you did
                    Ab                              Cm
If you think you´re hurtin’, you ain´t seen nothin’ yet

Cm                       Eb            Bb
  Was it really worth it? Was she everything 
                      Ab               Cm 
That you were looking for? feel like a man?
                Eb                 Bb 
I hope you know that, you can´t go back
             Ab                            Cm
Cause all we had, is broken like shattered glass

Cm                     Ab                Bb
  You´re gonna see me, in your dreams tonight
My face is gonna haunt you all the time
Cm               Ab                Bb
  I promise that you gonna want me back
When you broke us apart, like shattered glass
Cm     Bb     Cm   Bb
Glass, glass, glass

Verse 2:
Cm                                             Bb
Are you having trouble focusinÂ’ throughout the day?
       Ab                              Cm
Do you find yourself, still callinÂ’ my name?
Cm                                           Bb
Do you wish you could be on time and take it back?
             Ab                               Cm 
I bet you realize, she ain´t half the woman I am

(Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus)
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