Britney Spears – Amnesia chords


CmI saw him standin' there in the parkin' lot
Ab He asked if I came here a lot
Cm BbAnd this is how I responded
EbI forgot my name
I forgot my telephone number
CmIf he wanna see me
He don't even know it
AbI forgot my address
Damsel in distress
BbI forgot my boyfriend
Was the one that had bought me this rock
EbI get amnesia when I'm standin' next to you-ou-ou
CmHe's been with me for several years I know this much is true
AbDidn't know it was over, 'til you came on over
BbAnd told me that you just, just can't
EbForget about me
EbI talk to my girls I can talk to my girls like crazy
CmTo anyone, I speak my mind I tell 'em off, it don't phase me
AbI'm not lazy But boy, lately
BbWhen I see you, I stu-utter
Words just slip away like butterflies The same chord progression (Eb, Cm, Ab, Bb) is then repeated throughout the duration of the song.
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