Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me tab

Cm Gm G# (x4)
For the verses, the cadence of each line falls on the down beat where 'Cm' is, so the 
arrangement of the sentences is a little weird.  Each chord hits right on top of the 
syllable of word they're hovering over, so you can use that as a guide to follow.

Cm G# Fm Gm
Cm G# Fm G  (x2)

Cm Fm G# G

Hey, over there, please forgive me
       Gm     G#
If I'm coming on too
Strong, hate to stare, but you're winning
            Gm         G#
And they're playing my favorite
Song, so come here, a little closer
      Gm      G#
Wanna whisper in your
Ear, make it clear, a little question
      Gm        G#
Wanna know just how you

Cm                 G#                Fm
Feel. If I said my heart was beating loud
               Gm                Cm
If we could escape the crowd somehow
            G#             Fm
If I said I want your body now
          G                    Cm
Would you hold it against me
Cm        G#        Fm
Cause you feel like paradise,
       Gm                      Cm
And I need a vacation tonight
               G#             Fm
So if I said I want your body now
          G                    Cm
Would you hold it against me

[ Bridge ]
(Dub Breakdown) Cm
The dubstep breakdown is pretty much 'Cm' all the way through until the part with the lyrics.

Gimme something good. Don't wanna wait.
  Fm           G#         G
I want It now (na-na-now)
Pop It like a hood, and show me how you
Fm           G#         G
work it out
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