Britney Spears – I Run Away tab

Tabber: luciano andrew vaifale- for any requests that
i could help out with. I'm mostly a piano player but this should be useful for
u guys also that play the guitar. get practising

Intro:   Dm    Am    Dm     Am
(verse 1):
                       Dm       Am
You took your love away, too fast
                   Dm          Am
Love no chance to say, look back
                         Bb       A 
now i know the truth it makes, it easier
                    Bb         Gm 
maybe when time goes by, i'll understand
Dm           Bb       F       C
Lets pretend,  that i moved on
           Dm       Bb       F             C
and i'll tell myself   that life goes on  without you
Dm           Bb     F                 C  
open my eyes,    look deep inside
    Bb       Dm/A     Gm          C      Dm       Am      Dm          Am
i run away,  i          run away,      i run away      (i run away)
(verse 2):
                      Dm      Am
You threw it all away, so blind
                         Dm            Am 
you pushed me far from you, in your life
                         Bb                 A       
now i know the tears won't lead to loneliness
                    Bb                 Gm
maybe when time goes by, i'll understand
(Bridge)-    (Bbmaj7,  C,  Dm,  C6)  -   play this twice before.........
          Bbmaj7,      C,       Dm,       C6
I run awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   - and this twice also
(and then finally playin the chorus twice then fading out gradually on the third time round)
C6= play a C major chord also adding an A
Dm/A= play a D minor chord also with an A base note
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