Broadcast - Before We Begin chords

Broadcast - Before We Begin

Fmaj7   Gm \
Am      Gm / 2x

Fmaj7 Gm AmHere again, at the end
GmBefore the beginning
Fmaj7 GmSo the salt will spill again
Am GmThrow it over your shoulder
Fmaj7Oh it's in tomorrow
GmFortune or sorrow
Am BbWait you may win
Fmaj7I don't mean to show
GmThat I know how this goes
Am Gm Before we begin again
Fmaj7 Gm \ Am Gm /
Fmaj7 Gm AmYou may hide on one side
GmAnd me on the other
Fmaj7 Gm AmYou may speak but wait for me
Fmaj7Should my sentence faulter
Chorus 2x Fmaj7 \ Gm / 2x Chorus
Fmaj7 Gm AmSo here we are again
GmBack to the beginning
Fmaj7 Gm AmSo the salt will spill again
GmThrow it over your shoulder
Chorus Fmaj7 Gm \ Am Gm / Bb Fmaj7
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