Team chords with lyrics by BROCKHAMPTON - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

BROCKHAMPTON – Team chords

Fm Db AbDid you lie to him since you were seventeen?
Dbm Db AbHow's he holding up? Evanie
Eb Ebm Ab DbDo you cling to him like you would on to me?
Dbm Db AbBet he needs you more than I, Evanie
Eb Fm Ebm (Ab) DbDid you hide your neck to save him from his sleep?
Dbm AbI know how that feels, Evanie
Eb Ebm DbEvery chance you take you make me want to flee
DbmCan't you see?
AbYou should move on
DbI swear you'll be fine
AbWhenever you want
DbI'll be your ride
AbAnd when you're alone
EbAnd his love is gone
FmMaybe you'll see that
Ebm DbYour company was the
Dbm Db AbThing for him, your sin
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