Broken Bells - Vaporize chords


Am   Em   D   C   F   G

Am EmWhat amounts to a dream anymore?
D C F G AmA crude device; A veil on our eyes
EmA simple plan we'd be different from the rest
D C F G AmAnd never resign to a typical life
Am Em D C F G x2
Am EmCommon fears start to multiply
D C F G AmWe realize we're paralyzed
EmWhere'd it go, All that precious time?
D C F G Did we even try to stem the tide?
D AmWhy should we waste it on
C F GBuying into the same old lies?
D AmThe longer we wait around
C F GThe faster the years go by
Em D F It's not too late
G EmTo feel a little more alive
D FMake an escape
G DBefore we start to vaporize
Am Em D C F G x2 D C Am G
D CDoubtless, we've been through this
Am GSo if you want to follow me you should know
D CI was lost then and I am lost now
Am GAnd I doubt I'll ever know which way to go
Am Em D C F G xto fadeĀ…
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