Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside chords version 2

Saw them on Conan Last night and couldn't find any solid tabs so I put one 
together, pretty simple actually. 

Intro: Emx4

Em D AShe sold her love to a modern man
Em D ACause solid currency's the hardest to love
Em D AAll other modern hels you cover your eye
Em D ADon't let the lady finger blow in your hat
D AFeel like a daughter
Em D A EmShe's like a star tonight
D AWithout wanting
Em She gave up
D AThe ghost inside
Em D AJust like a whiskey bottle drained on the floor
Em D AShe got no future, just a love to endure
Em D AThis gives some matter to shaking her hide
Em D A'Too late to leave him' are the songs in her car
The chorus stays the same, and the rest of the song keeps up the same chord progession, hope this helps
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