Broken Glass Heroes – Baby Dont Worry chords

Broken Glass Heroes - Baby Don't Worry

intro: C ? C De:------0-------0-------0-------2--------------------------|B:------1-------1-------1-------3--------------------------|G:------0-------0-------0-------2--------------------------|D:------2-------2-------2-------0--------------------------|A:------3-------2-------3----------------------------------|E:---------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: G Bm C/G Baby don't worry I will always sing this song C D Baby don't worry ... Chorus: Em A You can always sing along (play intro part) As long as it's a happy song (play intro part) Oooh Brigde: Eb Cm And when the money runs out G Ab I'll be there (I'll be there) Eb Cm And when the food is gone G Ab Let's don't care (let's don't care) Enjoy! Tabbed by Jonathan "Fer" R.
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