Broken Hope - Pitbull Grin tab

Guitar Tab for "Pitbull Grin"
(artist: Broken Hope; Album: Repulsive Conception)
>From Ralfe Collie (

=====================TABLATURE EXPLANATION=====================
.......    are palm mutings
!!!!!!!    are tremolo pickings

drop d
standard tuning

this is the slowest riff in the song

intro 1_____ 2____|---------|----------------------|------|------|||---------|----------------------|------|------|||---------|----------------------|------|-2----|||---------|----------------------|------|-2-0--|||-0--0--0-|-33333333665522222222-|-5544-|-0-0--|||-0--0--0-|-33333333665522222222-|-5544-|---0--|| . . . .................... .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
please contact me with any feedback or if you have any broken hope tab or you can work out the rest of this song.
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