Broken Social Scene – Im Still Your Fag tab

i love the guitar in this song and i guessed at how to make it easiest for myself to 
it. i've never tabbed before so i couldn't find the patience to make it look real pretty. i 
you get the idea.
by the way, listen to the band streetlight curfew. they're good.

this fingering thingamajig repeats through the entire song. make sure you're aware of 
tuning before you start thinking about how much i suck at tabbing.

(1st time only)|(each time after, start here)------------------0-----0------| ---------|-----0-----0-----0-----0--------------------0-----0------0--| -------2-|---2-----2-----2-----2-----2---2---2--2-2-2-----------------| -----0---|-2-----0---------------------0---2---0-0-0-0-0--0---0---0---| ---------|-------------2-----0-----2----------------------------------| ---------|------------------------------------------------------------| the end changes slightly almost every time
here's some of the other guitar (or possibly banjo) i heard. i'm sure you could've at it, but i'll help spare your efforts.
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