Brokencyde - Get Crunk tab

Song: Get Crunk
Artist: BrokeNCYDE
Album: I'm Not A Fan... But The Kids Like It
Tuning: Drop D
Tabbed by: Ernie Wimperis

Okay, this song is played on a synthesizer/keyboard, but I came up with a guitar version.

This version is also played with lower notes than the original. I also finger pick 
this song, but it can also be picked.

This is played through out the entire song, and then there is a breakdown played like this:
E|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------|G|------7------7------7-----7-----7------7---------------------| D|----6------6------6-----6-----6------6-----------------------|A|--7------7------7-----7-----7------7-------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------|
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