Brolle Jr - Sound Of A Drum tab

(Intro Whistling) F#m-C#m-D-Bm

F#m       C#m      D        Bm
244222    446654   x00232   224432


(F#m)  (C#m)  (D)  (Bm)   
As the sun and the stars and the moon
(Bm)  (D)  (F#m)
You and I are different but still In tune
(F#m)  (C#m)  (D)  (Bm)
and I've seen a reason of beeing apart
(Bm)  (D)  (F#m)
and all those times I had a hungry heart

(Ref) (Bm) (D) (A) (E) But I have to believe when the feeling hits me like a sound of a drum(Like a sound of a drum) ------"-------
Oh, And I'm still getting lost in the feeling you are the one (2x)------"-------
(F#m) (C#m) (D) (Bm) Whistling (Vers2) (F#m) (C#m) (D) (Bm) As the wind in the streets were i walk (Bm) (D) (F#m) These emotions get me cold when I'm alone in the dark, hmmmm -----"-----
I really don't know it happened so fast-----"-----But please one more time lets try to make this last(Bm) (D) (F#m) (E) (Esus) (E) (Esus)
(Ref 2x) (Bridge) *Played in the same chords as in the Chorus Bm-D-A-E Believe In me, Believe In you, If you believe, It might come true Believe In you, Believe In me, If you are the one, the one for me Believe In me, Believe In you (Ref 2x) Bm-D-A-E Whistling at the end with the same chords Tabba av Eivind Vilnes
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