Brooke Fraser – Youll Come chords

You'll Come

F#m E BChains be broken
F#m C#m BLives be healed
A EEyes be opened
B AChrist is revealed
EI have decided I have resolved
Asus4 A ETo wait upon you Lord
EMy rock and redeemer sheild and reward
Asus4 A EI'll wait upon you Lord
F#m E BAs surely as the sun will rise
C#mYou'll come to us
F#m E BAs certain as the dawn appears
A E B F#mYou'll come let your glory fall
E BAs you respond to us
A C#m Spirit reign flood into our
Thirsty hearts again Verse 2 We are not shaken wer are not moved We wait upon you Lord Our mighty deliverer my triumph and truth I'll wait upon you Lord END (Praise God with this song!)
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