Brooks And Dunn - Cowboy Town tab

Dirt, Mud, and Dust
C          G
Bibles and Beer
G                   C            G
Outlaws, Barb Wire, Saddles, and Steers
G                  C              G
Its a simple life, Oh its sacred ground.
G                      C              G
Hard times, High winds can't bring us down

   C      G          C      G
In cowboy town, yeah cowboy town
      C        G D
thats were I'm from
Cowboy town

We wear our boots to dinner
          C         G
Drive our trucks to church
Solid as a rock
C           G
Salt of the earth
We like our whiskey strong
        C      G
Play our music loud
G                      C            G                  
Get things done by the sweat of our brow

        C      G          C      G
Here in cowboy town, yeah cowboy town
      C        G D
That's were I'm from
Cowboy town

E                D 
Winners, Losers, Sinners and Saints
C                             G
It's were a good man's word is money in the bank
E                             D
Bad boys, pretty girls is the name of the game
C                                             D
When ya hit the ground, get up, shake off the pain

That's a cowboy town

G                         C              G
Someday when I die and my soul is called home
G                     C           G
High on a white horse I'll ride up on
G                         C            G
At that golden chute will stand old St. Pete
G                    C        G
He'll tip his hat and welcomes me

G  C      G        C      G
To cowboy town, oh cowboy town
    C       G      D     G
Son come on in to cowboy town
          C         G  D 
I'm gonna live and die

In cowboy town

So that's the chords part. To lazy to put everything in tabs. 
We'll see ya or how we say in the netherlands LATUR
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