Brooks And Dunn - Whiskey Do My Talkin tab


KEEP PLAYING AND REPEATING RIFF THROUGH WHOLE VERSE RIFF----------------------------------- I'm not some come on strong romeo cowboy no i'm not that type without a little help i probably have two left feet but you're not gonna let that happen tonight turn up that jukebox, set me at the bar i promise her the moon you throw in the stars (chorus) F# whiskey do my talkin' E say all the things i can't F# here's to you my hundred proof friend E go on and so your thing F# she's just a line away from falling A B going wild and honky tonking F# RIFF whiskey do my talkin' if i met her on the street in the broad day light i couldn't bring myself to speak, or get a word out right but you put me in a bar room you put a drink in my hand i'm a cool, calm, and collected silver tongue ladies' man (repeat chorus)
(bridge)LISTEN TO CD TO GET THE TIMING RIGHTE---------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------------|D-----4---4-4------2--2-2------5---5--5---------2--2-2----|A---4---4--------2---2-------5---5-----------2--2---------|D-4-----------2------------5----------------2-------------| oooh I tell her all the things i can
E----------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------------|D-----4---4-4----------2-----2--2-----------5---5--5---------2--2-2----|A---4---4-----------2-----2---------------5---5-----------2--2---------|D-4-------------2-----------------------5----------------2-------------|heres to you my hundred proof friend go on and do your thing
F# yeah, she's just a line away from fallin A B goin wild and honkey tonking hey (chorus) ooh I
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