Brooks And Dunn - Honky Tonk Stomp tab

Song: Honky Tonk Stomp
Artist: Brooks & Dunn
Album: #1's...and Then Some
Tuning: Standard (E A D G B e)
Tabbed By: BirdOnAWire

I recently purchased this song and realized there was no tabs for it so i decided to tab
myself...its pretty simple if you've at least got 1 year of guitar under your belt. but
might be wrong. Well here it goes.

(the x's stand for the bass kick in this section)Intro 1 (Medium Distortion): Ee|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2\\\\|E|-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0-x-0\\\\|P.M.**************************************************************
Intro 2 (Medium Distortion):
e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|-----9-(9)-----7-(7)-----2-(2)------------9--|D|-----9-(9)-----7-(7)-----2-(2)------------9--|A|---------------------------------------------| X2E|-0-0-------0-0-------0-0-------0-3sbp0-3-----|
(For the verses use the Intro 1 figure for the chords) E Man, standin' on a band stand, band standin' bendin' and bangin' them strings. Eye candy shakin' on a dance floor, sayin' "Play me one more," makin' a scene. A G A Cowboy camped on a bar stool, shootin' double whiskey with a longneck back, E and Billy with a pool cue staring down an eight ball, lookin' at Kelly with a rack.
CHORUS: A E Out in the country, back roads and one horse towns. A E We saw Fiddles, play our guitars loud. B A We talk the talk and walk the walk and do the Honky Tonk Stomp. (Go to Intro 2) E Yeah...Pickups in the parking lot, rockin' like a juke box jumpin' in the July air. Cooler in the tool box, drinkin' every last drop...won't let ya take it in there. A Whiskey high, two dudes stumblin' out the back door. Bouncers help 'em take G A it outside. E Through the fussin' and the cussin', & the shovin' and the pushin'...well, it really much of a fight.
Chorus Solo: (Still trying to figure it out...if you've got it email it to me, i'll give you for finding out the solo) Chorus Intro 2 END Thats it! I don't have everything down but this is what i've figured out so far. And if know the little licks in between the verses and after the lines of the Chorus, email to me and i will give you full recognition in the tab! PROMISE! and if you find the email that to me as well and you will also get full recognition, just give me your UG for security purposes. THANKS AGAIN! and ENJOY!
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