Brooks And Dunn – Lost-n- Found chords

This is an easy translated version to play the song. It's hard to play in E and 
lots of people use D or this one. Enjoy.

Capo: 1st

[F] x 4

[F] I lost her trail on a Friday night
[Am] [C]She was gone before I got home
[F] She'd been getting restless
[C] In that big house all alone
[F]I've been up and down these city streets
[Am] [F]For three nights in a row
[Am] [F]And lord it's hard to find that girl
[C] [F]When she gets the urge to go
[F]It's kinda like a lost and found
[C]In a border town
[F] [Am]Askin' bout a diamond ring
[F]They just look at you
[F]Like you've lost your mind
[C]Say they haven't seen a thing
[Am] [C]But I know she's been here lately
[F] [Am]I can still smell her perfume
[C] [Am]And she gets crazy on a full moon
[F] And I know she'll be coming back
[Am] [C]Her car is waiting right outside
[F] But, I don't want to think about
[C] Who's taking her for a ride
[F]And her unpredictability
[Am] [F]Is what I love about her best
[Am] [F]Lord I've got to find her quick
[C] [F]Before she does something I regret
(Chorus) BRIDGE:
[Am] [C]She's out there somewhere
[Am] [C]Burnin up the night
[Am] [C]Somehow I've got to run her down
[Dm]I'm running out of time
(Chorus X 2)
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