Brooks And Dunn – Boot Scootin Boogie tab

The rythim guitar is playing some notes in the major penetonic scale for a couple 
chords. Here's the pattern

E chord |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |---------------------7---10-----| |---------77---1010--------------| |----88--------------------------| |--------------------------------|
A chord |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |-------------------5---8--------| |---------55---88----------------| |----66--------------------------|
B chord |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |---------------------7---10-----| |---------77---1010--------------| |----88--------------------------|
E Out in the country past the city limit sign well there's a honkey tonk A near the county line, The joint starts jumpin every night when the sun goes E B down, They got whiskey women music and smoke it's where all the cowboys all E go to boot scoot boogie, I gotta good job I work hard for my money when its A quittin time I hit the door runnin, I fire up my pickup truck and let the E B horses run, I go flyin down that highway to that hide-away stuck out in the E woods to do the boot scoot boogie CHORUS E A E A Yeah heal to toe docey doe com'mon baby lets go boot scootin, Cadilac E B black jack baby meet me out back were gon'na boogie, Get down turn around E go to town boot scoot boogie (piano interlude) Bartender asks me says son what'll be I want a shot of that red-head yonder lookin at me, The dance floors hopin and its hotter than the fourth of july, I see inlaws crooks and straights all makin it shake doin the boot scoot boogie CHORUS... (Hope this has been helpfull.)
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