Brooks And Dunn – Rock My World tab

Well Sense there were only chords. Here is some of the intro, Sorry I don't have the 
first part. I just got this one, when I get the other part correct, I will add it there. 
then, enjoy ;)

By: Paddy Guiney'
Song: Rock MY World
Band: Brooks And Dunn

2x Or This-----------|---------------------| --------------------------------------|-----------|---------------------| --------------------------------------|---9-9-9-9-|----2----------------| --------------------------------------|---9-9-9-9-|---------5----2------| ---7----------------------------------|---7-7-7-7-|-------------------5-| ---------10-----7----5----7-----------|-----------|---------------------| --------------------------------------|
I know the two are the same, ( diff Octoavs ) but I just though I would put both of their!
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