Brooks And Dunn – Shes Not The Cheatin Kind tab

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Date: Wed Jul 05 13:56 EDT 1995
From: "Krall, Steve" 
Subject: She's Not the Cheatin' Kind
To: "'Vaughn, Greg'" 
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She's Not the Cheatin' Kind
Brooks and Dunn

Capo at 2nd Fret!!

Intro:  C  D

Verse 1:

C                            D
She's dressed to kill in the dress he bought her
C                       D
She wouldn't care if he walked in and caught her
C                     D
She's come to dance a dance or two
C                       D
And do no tellin' what before the night is through


She found out the hard way about him
She's out to find out how she'll do without him
Her hands are shakin' her heart's pounding
By the way she's drinkin', his memory's drownin'


G  C                   G       C G
She's not the cheatin' kind
G          D       Em          C         D
She's been cheated one to many times
G  C                    G   C   G
She's never fooled around
G                D     Em            Em (or C)
Cause he's still lyin' she's through cryin'
C         D        G
She's not foolin' now

Verse 3:

She walks by, every head turns
You can see how hot her fire burns
He didn't know what a good thing he had
It's too late, and that's too bad


Break:  repeat C  D


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