Brooks And Dunn - Thats What Its All About tab


Intro: (repeat until first verse begins)
Capo on 7th fret

    (A)                       (D9)

(D) (G9)
A Well you work and you slave D9 And you spend all day in your thankless job A Then you jump in your Ford D9 And you're door to door with the homebound mob A A/G# Then you pull in the drive and you hit the chair A/F# A/E And the one that you love is waiting there Chorus: A D9 Hey... that's what it's all about A D9 Hey... this is the life I couldn't live without D9 No I couldn't live without F#m It's a moment frozen there in time E Where the reasons all begin to rhyme A Where love's a little bigger D9 E And you finally start figuring out A D9 That's what it's all about A Well they won't go to bed D9 Or do what you said or eat their food A They cry and they fuss and you can't cuss D9 Cause they'll say it too A A/G# You're tired and you're numb and you're stressed and you're mad A/F# A/E And she smiles and says 'I love you, Dad' CHORUS Instrumental: A D9 (x2) CHORUS repeat 1st lines of chorus til the end Chords: A = x02220 A/G#= 4x2220 A/F#= 2x2220 A/E = 0x2220 D = xx0232 D9 = xx0230 E = 022100 F#m = 244222(bar chord)
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