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Bros Before Hoes – Gay J tab

artist: Bro's before Hoes
title: Gay J

the band created this song in honor of their gay friend a.j.  so they
named it "gay J".  very good song...funny lyrics...

chorus: (x8) (x8) (x8) (x8) (x8) (x4)E-3----3-------3----3------3------3-----2-|B-3----3-------3----3------3------3-----3-|G-0----0-------0----0------0------0-----2-|D-2----2-------2----2------2------2-------|A-3----2-------3----2------3------2-------|E-----------------------------------------|
lyrics verse 1 we have a friend who is real gay he goes by the name of a.j. aj looks like an armadillo he's stingy about his own pillow he likes to lay with it in bed while he plays with his little head Chorus aj is..a big fag... aj is..a sellout... aj is..really fucking gay... verse 2 he lost all of our beer aj is a really big queer he better pay us back or we'll cut off his scrotum sack not to mention his one inch dick that we heard smells like shit chorus verse 3 aj likes to spend his time with a girl that he thinks is fine he likes to tell us lies so he can get a piece of that pootang pie he is a big homo because he prefers hoes before bro's but we still love him he's still our friend we just want to hang out again chorus tahts it...very good song..hope you like it
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