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From Sun May  4 09:49:17 1997
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 13:36:30 -0700 (MST)
From: Justin John Simison 

This is one of Jackson Browne's all time best songs.  The chords I've
transcribed have a variation on the C and the D, because I think that kind
of helps a single guitar arrangement keep the drone of the full band.  To
play it the way Jackson does, play a regular C and a regular D.

"The Barricades of Heaven"  ("Looking East", Elektra)

by : Jackson Browne

Transciption by Justin J. Simison (Comments welcome,

TUNING - Standard

CHORDS -    Em :  022000   C  : X32013   G : 3X0003   D : X54035
            F  :  133211  C/E : 0X2010
            (The C to D switch is easier than it looks, just slide the C
             diagram up two frets.)


Em        C              G               D
  Running down along the towns along the shore
Em           C                 G         D
  When I was sixteen and on my own
Em              C                 G                      D
  No I couldn't tell you what the hell those breaks were for
Em           C                 G           D
  I was just trying to hear my song

Em, C, G, D (TWICE)

Em                C                       G             D
  Jimmy found his own sweet sound when he won that free guitar
Em             C                   G            D
  And we'd all get in the van and play
Em                C            G                  D
  Life became the Paradox, the Bell, the Rouge et noir
Em                   C               G            D
  And the stretch of road running to L.A.

        Em            C
BRIDGE :  Pages turning
        G               D
          Pages we were years from learning
        Em                  C                     G       D
          Straight into the night our hearts were flung

(PLAY REGULAR "C" and "D" for chorus)

                 C                G       D           C     D
CHORUS :  Better bring your own redemtion when you come
                 C                G    D         C
          To the barricades of heaven where I'm from

Em, C, G, D (Twice)

Em  C               G                  D
  All the world was shining from those hills
Em                C                    G        D
  With the stars above and the lights below
Em              C                   G               D
  Among those there to test their fortune and their will
Em       C                       G         D
  I lost track of the score long ago


Em         F          C/E
  Childhood comes for me at night
Em           F       C/E
  The voices of my friends
Em           F      C/E
  Your face bathing me in light
Em            F      C/E
  I hope that never ends

Em, C, G, D (TWICE)

Em        C
  Pages turning
  G                D
  Pages torn and pages burning
Em             C           G        D
  Faded pages open in the sun

Chorus (TWICE)

Em, C, G, D (FADE)
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