Bruce Hornsby – Mandolin Rain chords

There are a few versions on the web that aren't true to the song in either chords used
timing of the changes. This is my first attempt at trying to nail down the problems for
who wants to learn this song, but can't find an accurate leadsheet for it. Listen to the 
for the overall timing and tempo. Feel free to comment.

Intro: Am - G - Em - D (x2)
       Am - G - Em - Csus4 (3rd time into verse)

Verse 1:

G DThe song came and went
Am CLike the times that we spent
Em D Csus4 Ghiding out from the rain under the carnival tent.
G DI laughed and she smiled.
Am CIt would last for awhile.
Em D Csus4 GYou don't know what you got till you lose it all again.
Am GListen to the Mandolin Rain.
Em DListen to the music on the lake
Am GListen to my heart break
Em Deverytime she runs away
Am GListen to the banjo wind
Em DA sad song drifting low
C GListen to the tears roll
C Gdown my face as she turns to go.
Verse 2: A cool evening dance Listenin' to the bluegrass band takes the chill from the air till they play the last song. I'll do my time (Ohh) Keeping you off my mind. But there are moments that I find I'm not feeling too strong (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
F CRunning on down by the lakeshore
D GShe did love the sound of a summer storm
F CPlaying on the lake like a mandolin
D G DNow it's washing her away once again
(Repeat Chorus) Verse 3: The boat's steaming in I watch the sidewheel spin and I think about her when I hear the whistle blow I can't change my mind I knew all the time that she'd go But that's a choice I made long ago (Repeat Chorus) (End) Bruce Hornsby sings behind the beat a lot and it may tie up some people not really to singing and playing at the same time. Keep in mind that he also wrote this song on a so there are a ton of little fills and added notes (suspended and resolved) that you can on your own, but for the sake of cleanliness I won't tab out. I will warn you that the has a lot of odd time-changes and while I could try to type out the rhythm as close as I but it's best to just use the chords there and place them on your own. Play this song with some heart!
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