Bruce Hornsby - Every Little Kiss tab

Every Little Kiss
Bruce Hornsby and the Range


E |----------------|----------------------| = bend stringB |-3--------------|---------3---3-4-3-------|G |---5-3-5-3------|-----3-5---5-------5-3---|D |-----------5-3--|-3-5---------------------|A |----------------|-------------------------|E |----------------|-------------------------|
E |------------------------|------------------|------------|B |------------------------|------------------|------------|G |--7---------------------|-----------7----7-|--8-7-------|D |----10-8-10-8----8------|------8-10---10---|------10-8--|A |--------------10---10-8-|-8-10-------------|------------|E |------------------------|------------------|------------|
The chords used in this song are: C, F, C/B, Am7, Am, G Capo on 2 C/B Am7 E -0- E -1- B -1- B -1- G -0- G -0- D -0- D -2- A -2- A -X- E -0- E -X- Intro: C, F C Way out here, working on the docks F Am7 C C/B G Everyone sees the long day through C Well what would I do without the nights And the phone F Am7 C C/B G And the chance just to talk to you F Oh what would I do C C/B Am G F A thousand miles away G What I wouldn’t give for only one night A little relief in sight F C G Or someday when times weren’t so tight F Am7 C C/B When the day goes down on the Am Water town F Am7 C C/B Am When the sun sinks low all around F Am7 C Am That’s when I know I need you now F You’re what I miss C Every little kiss tabbed by Dalton Lee
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