Bruce Springsteen – Mary Queen Of Arkansas tab

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Mary Queen Of Arkansas - Bruce Springsteen

D                             G      Bm         D      Dsus
Mary queen of Arkansas, it's not too early for dreamin'
     D       Dsus       D         Dsus       G         Bm          F#m
The sky is grown with cloud seed sown and a bastard's love can be redeeming
G                          A          D    Dsus D Dsus
Mary, my queen, your soft hulk is reviving
            G                     A7                         Dsus
No, you're not too late to desecrate, the servants are just rising

                               G         Bm         D    Dsus
Well I'm just a lonely acrobat, the live wire is my trade
            D                                  G         Bm      F#m
I've been a shine boy for your acid brat and a wharf rat of your state
G                    A                      D    Dsus D Dsus
Mary, my queen, your blows for freedom are missing
                G                        A7                    D
Woah you're not man enough for me to hate or woman enough for kissing

     F#m                          G                   Em7                D     Dsus D
The big top is for dreamers, we can take the circus all the way to the border
         F#m                            G      Em7    F#m     
And the gallows wait for martyrs whose papers are in order
     G                                 A                   Dsus  D  Dsus  D
But I was not born to live to die and you were not born for queenin'
      G                        A7                       Dsus  D
It's not too late to infiltrate, the servants are just leavin'

                             G          Bm   D  Dsus
Mary queen of Arkansas, your white skin is deceiving
    D        Dsus            D      Dsus     G          Bm   F#m
You wake and wait ooh to lie in bait and you almost got me believing
    G                      A                    D    Dsus D Dsus
But on your bed Mary I can see the shadow of a noose
                                     G              A7                   D
Woah I don't understand how you can hold me so tight and love me so damn loose
But I know a place where we can go, Mary
            A7                                          D    Dsus
Where I can get a good job and start out all over again clean
           G                      A7                            D
Woah I got contacts deep in Mexico where the servants have been seen

D Dsus Bm G F#m Em7 A7---2----3----2----3----2----0----0-------3----3----3----0----2----0----2-------2----2----4----0----2----0----0-------0----0----4----0----4----0----2-----------------2----2----4----2----0----------------------3----2----0---------
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