The Promise tab with lyrics by Bruce Springsteen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bruce Springsteen – The Promise tab

This is from the Album "18 Tracks". I found the chords somewhere on the internet 
but the lyrics didn't fit, so here are the chords with the lyrics from the album 
version, I hope it's more or less correct. 

  F                             Bb              F
1.Johnny works in a factory, Billy works downtown
Dm                                        Gm              F/A     Bb
Terry works in a rock'n'roll band lookin' for that million-dollar sound
F                             Bb                   F
I got a job down in Darlington but some nights I don't go
Dm                                   Gm         F/A     Bb
Some nights I go to the drive-in and some nights I stay home

(Bb)                                         F
I followed that dream just like those guys do way up on the
Bb                 F
screen      I drove my Challenger down route 9
                Bb                    F
through the dead ends and all the bad scenes
             C                                              F
And when the promise was broken I cashed in a few of my own dreams

2.Well now, I built that Challenger by myself
             Bb              F
but I needed money and so I sold it
I lived a secret I should-a kept to myself
          Gm               F/A  Bb
But I got drunk one night and I told it
Dm               Am
All my life I've fought that fight
    Gm          F/A         Bb
a fight that you can never win
F                      C                                          F
Every day it just gets harder to live the dreams you're believing in

        Gm Am Bb              C            F
Thunder Road____   oh baby you were so right
        Gm Am Bb                                  C         F
Thunder Road____   there's something dying on the highway tonight

3.Well I won big once and I hit the coast
       Bb                 F
Oh but I paid the big cost
Inside I felt like I was carryin' broken spirits
   Gm            F/A      Bb
of all the other ones who lost
        Dm                     Am
When the promise is broken you go on livin'
       Gm                   F/A          Bb
but it steals something from down in your soul
              F                            C
Like when the truth is spoken and it don't make no difference
something in your heart run cold

I followed that dream, through the southwestern tracks
       F                   Bb
the dead ends in two-bit bars
When the promise was broken I was far away from home
sleeping in the backseat of a borrowed car

        Gm Am Bb                                     C             F
Thunder Road____  here's one for the lost lovers and all the fixed games
        Gm Am Bb                                   C         F
Thunder Road____  here's one for the tires rushing by in the rain
        Gm Am Bb                           C      F
Thunder Road____  remember Billy what we'd always say
        Gm Am Bb                                        C     F
Thunder Road____  we were gonna take it all and throw it all away
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