Bruce Springsteen - Balboa Park chords

Balboa Park - Bruce Springsteen  

(Capo 3rd fred) C G C G D C Gd--------0-------0-|-------0-----0---|---------0---|--------------|b------------------|---------------0-|-------0-----|------1-------|g------0-------0---|-----0-----------|-----2-----2-|----0-------0-|D----2-------0-----|---2-------0-----|---0---------|--2-------0---|A------------------|-----------------|-------------|--------------|E--3-------3-------|-3-------3-------|-2-----------|-0------0-----|
C G C GHe lay his blanket underneath the freeway
C G Cas the evening sky grew dark
G C Gtook a sniff of toncho from his coke can
D Cand headed through Balboa Park
G C Gwhere the men in Mercedes
C G Ccome nightly to employ
G C Gin the cool San Diego evening
D C | C G | C G | D | C G the services of the border boys
C G CHe grew up near the zona norte
G C G Cwith the hustlers and smugglers he hung out with
G C Ghe swallowed their balloons of cocaine
D Cbrought 'em cross the 12th street strip
G C Gsleeping in a shelter
C G Cif the night got too cold
G C Grunnin' from the migra
D C | C G | C G | D | C G of the border patrol
C G C GPast the Salvage yard 'cross the train tracks
C G Cand in through the storm drain
G C Gthey stretched their blankets out neath the freeway
D Cand each one took a name
C Gthere was x-man and cochese
C G Clittle spider his sneakers covered in river mud
C Gthey come north to California
D C | C G | C G | D | C end up with the poison in their blood
Em7 GHe did what he had to do for money
D Csometimes he sent home what he could spare
Em7 Cthe rest went to hi-top sneakers and toncho
G D Gand jeans like the gavatchos wear
C G C Gone night the border patrol swept 12th street
C G Ca big car come fast down the boulevard
G C Gspider stood caught in it's headlights
D Cgot hit and went down hard
C G C Gas the car sped away spider held his stomach
C G Climped to his blanket 'neath the underpass
G C Glie there tasting his own blood on his tongue
Dclosed his eyes and listened to the cars
C G | C | Grushin by so fast
C G D Em7-0--0--0--0---1--0--3--0---0--0--2--0---2--0--0--0---3--2-----2------3-----0--
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