Bruce Springsteen - Trouble In Paradise chords

Trouble In Paradise - Bruce Springsteen

A You do the drying, I'll do the dishes
F#m EWho'll do the crying when all the wishes don't come true
A You do the washing, I'll do the folding
F#m EWhose heart is breaking when whose arms are holding someone new
DSittin' on a peaceful lake sunnin'
F#mDidn't hear the roar of the waterfall coming
Bm EWhen it's all a storybook story
Bm EWhen it's all so easy and nice
AHere comes trouble in paradise
You did the dusting, I did the sweeping
F#m EYou did the driving oh and I did the sleeping a little too long
DOn a picnic 'neath the sky so blue
F#mWe didn't see the rain and heartache coming through
Bm EWhen it's all an old black and white movie
Bm EAnd you're sure you've seen the ending twice
A DHere comes trouble in paradise
You said everything was fine
AI'm sorry, baby, I didn't see the signs
Oh so beautifully you read your lines
C#m DBut in a play where the hero has no vice
C#m DAnd love comes without a price
ASo does trouble in paradise
Don't matter who did the dusting or who did the sweeping
F#m EWho did the trusting or who did the cheating when it's all gone
DLaying in a field on a summer's day
F#mWaitin' for those gray skies to clear away
Bm EKnowing all love's glory and beauty
Bm ECan vanish before you think twice
ALeaving trouble in paradise
Now we share the laughing, we share the joking
F#m E AOh we do the sleeping with one eye open
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