Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest tab

Tougher than the rest
Bruce Springsteen
By Steini

| C | F | F | C | C | Bb | F | C | C

                   F                              C
Well It's Saturday night you're all dressed up in blue
                    Bb                    F           C
I been watching you awhile maybe you been watching me too
                 F                             C
So somebody ran out left somebody's heart in a mess
                            Bb           F        C        F
Well if you're looking for love honey I'm tougher than the rest

Some girls they want a handsome Dan or some good-lookin' Joe
                   Bb                         F    C
On their arms some girls like a sweet-talkin' Romeo
                 F                                   C
Well 'round here baby I learned you get what you can get
                              Bb             F        C       F
So if you're rough enough for love honey I'm tougher than the rest

               Dm  Bb                   F
The road is dark and it's a thin thin line
                   Bb                       C   F
But I want you to know I'll walk it for you anytime
                  Dm                          F
Maybe your other boyfriends couldn't pass the test
                                   Bb             F       C        F
Well if you're rough and ready for love honey I'm tougher than the rest

F C Bb------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-3---|------s---3-3--h--|-3---|------s--3-5/6--|--3--|--1-1--3/5--3>5--|-----|-1-1-3/5------3>5-|-----|-1-1-3/5----b---|-----|--------s----h---|-----|
F (2/4) C(4/4) F C------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|------------------|-----|----------------|-----|-----------------|-----|---5--3-------b---|-3---|-3-3-5>6--3-----|-----|-----------3-5>6-|-3---|--------5-3--5>6--|-----|------b-----5-3-|-1---|-1-1--3-5-----b--|-----|
Bb F C F------------------|----------|--------------------|-----|-----|------------------|----------|--------------------|-----|-----|------------------|----------|--------------------|-----|-----|-----------3------|-3--------|--------------------|-----|-----|--1-1--3/5----3>5-|----5-3-5-|-3--3-3--3--b-------|-----|-----|------s--------h--|----------|-----------5>6--5-3-|--1--|-----|
C Well it ain't no secret I've been around a time or two Bb F C Well I don't know baby maybe you've been around too F C Well there's another dance all you gotta do is say yes Bb F C F And if you're rough and ready for love honey I'm tougher than the rest Bb F C F If you're rough enough for love baby I'm tougher than the rest
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