Bruce Springsteen - With Every Wish chords

With Every Wish - Bruce Springsteen

| E | E | E | E

Ol' catfish in the lake we called him Big Jim

BWhen I was a kid my only wish ws to get my line in him
A E A ESkipped church one Sunday rowed out and throw'd in my line
A E A E BJim took that hook pole and me right over the side
A E A EWent driftin' down past old tires and rusty cans of beer
A E A E BThe angel of the lake whispered in my ear
A E"Before you choose your wish son
A EYou better think first
A C#m A B EWith every wish there comes a curse."
I fell in love with beautiful Doreen
BShe was the prettiest thing this old town'd ever seen
A E A EI courted her and I made her mine
A E ABut I grew jealous whenever another man'd
E BCome walkin' down the line
A E A EAnd my jealousy made me treat her hard and cruel
A E A E BShe sighed, "Bobby oh Bobby you're such a fool.
A EDon't you know before you choose your wish
A EYou'd better think first
A C#m A B E | E |'Cause with every wish there comes a curse."
(Trumpet solo) | A | A | E | E | A | A | E | E | A | A | | C#m | C#m | B | E | E These days I sit around and laugh at the many rivers I've crossed
BBut on the far banks there's always another forest where a man can get lost
A E A EWell there in the high trees love's bluebird glides
A E A E BGuiding us 'cross to another river on the other side
A E A EAnd there someone is waitin' with a look in her eyes
A EAnd though my heart's grown weary
A E BAnd more than a little bit shy
A E A ETonight I'll drink from her waters to quench my thirst
And leave the angels to worry
A C#m With every wish
| C#m A B | E | E | A | A | E | E | A | A | | E | E | A | A | E | E | B | B | E | E
E A B C#m-0--0--2--4---0--2--4--5---1--2--4--6---2--2--4--6---2--0--2--4---0-----------
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