Bruce Springsteen – Angel chords


C G Em C DThe angel rides with hunch-backed children
C G Em C DPoison oozing from his engine
C G Em C DWielding love as a lethal weapon
C G C DOn his way to hubcap heaven
C G Em C D Dsus4 DBaseball cards poked in his spokes
C G Em C DHis boots in oil he's patiently soaked
C G Em C D Dsus4 DThe roadside attendant nervously jokes
C G Em C D Dsus4 DAs the angel's tires strokes his precious pavement
C G Em C DWell the interstate's choked With nomadic hordes
C G Em C D Dsus4 DIn Volkswagen vans With full running boards dragging great anchors
C G Em C DFollowin' dead-end signs the sores
C G Em C D Dsus4 DThe angel rides by humpin' his hunk metal whore
Am Em G Dsus4 DMadison Avenue's claim to fame in a trainer bra with eyes like rain
F Csus4 C F Am DShe rubs against the weather-beaten frame and asks the angel for his name
C G Em C DOff in the distance the marble dome
C G Em C DReflects across the flatlands with a naked feel off into parts unknown
C G Em C DThe woman strokes his polished chrome
C G Em DAnd lies beside the angel's bones
Main guitar figure for verse: G Em Bm C
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