Bruce Springsteen – Bobby Jean chords

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Bobby Jean chords
Bruce Springsteen *

A  C#m  D  B7 2x

AWell, I came by your house the other day,
C#mYour mother said you went away
DShe said there was nothing that I could have done,
B7There was nothing nobody could say
AMe and you we've known each other,
C#mEver since we were sixteen
DI wished I would have known, I wished I could've called you,
B7 A C#m D B7Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean
ANow you hung with me when all the others,
C#mTurned away, turned up their nose
DWe liked the same bands, we liked the same music,
B7We liked the same clothes
AWe told each other that we were the wildest,
C#mThe wildest things we'd ever seen
DNow I wished you would have told me, I wished I could have talked to you,
B7 A C#m D B7Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean
DNow we went walking in the rain,
F#mTalking about the pain that from the world we hid
D A ENow there aint nobody, no where no how, gonna ever understand me the way you did
AMaybe you'll be out there on that road somewhere,
C#mIn some bus or train traveling along
DIn some motel room you'll hear a radio playing,
B7And you'll hear me sing this song
AWell, if you do you'll know I'm thinking of you,
C#mAnd all the miles in between
DAnd I'm just calling one last time,
B7Not to change your mind,
D E A But just to say I miss you baby, good luck, goodbye Bobby Jean
A C#m D B7 3x * Alternate: Capo II A = G C#m = Bm D = C B7 = A7 F#m = Em E = D Set8
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