Bruce Springsteen - Downbound Train chords version 2

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Downbound Train chords
Bruce Springsteen

Capo III

Em G D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D 2x

Em GI had a job, I had a girl
DI had something going mister in this world
Em GI got laid off down at the lumber yard
DOur love went bad, times got hard
Cmaj7 DNow I work down at the car wash
EmWhere all it ever does is rain
C D Em D Don t you feel like you re a rider on a down bound train
Em GShe just said Joe I gotta go
DWe had it once we ain t got it any more
Em GShe packed her bags left me behind
DShe bought a ticket on the central line
Cmaj7 DNights as I sleep, I hear that whistle whining
EmI feel her kiss in the misty rain
C D Em DAnd I feel like I m a rider on a down bound train
Em G D 2x
Em GLast night I heard your voice
DYou were crying, crying, you were so alone
Em GYou said your love had never died
DYou were waiting for me at home
Em GPut on my jacket, I ran through the woods
DI ran till I thought my chest would explode
Em GThere in the clearing, beyond the highway
DIn the moonlight, our wedding house shone
Em GI rushed through the yard, I burst through the front door
DMy head pounding hard, up the stairs I climbed
Em GThe room was dark, our bed was empty
DThen I heard that long whistle whine
Cmaj7 GAnd I dropped to my knees, hung my head and cried
C D Now I swing a sledge hammer on a road gang
EmKnocking down them cross ties, working in the rain
C D Em DNow don t it feel like you re a rider on a down bound train
Em G D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D 5x Set8
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