Bruce Springsteen - Wreck On The Highway chords

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Wreck on the Highway chords
Bruce Springsteen

A Asus4 A Aus2  2x

A Aus2 A Asus4 ALast night I was out driving,
E Esus4 EComing home at the end of the working day
AI was riding alone through the drizzling rain,
DOn a deserted stretch of a county two-lane,
A E A Asus4 AWhen I came upon a wreck on the highway
Aus2 A Asus4 ANow there was blood and glass all over,
E Esus4 EAnd there was nobody there but me
AAs the rain tumbled down hard and cold,
DI seen a young man lying by the side of the road,
A E A Asus4 A Aus2 He cried mister, won't you help me, please
F#m A F#m A Asus4 A
Asus2 A Asus4 AAn ambulance finally came and took him to Riverside,
E Esus4 EI watched as they drove him away
AAnd I thought of a girlfriend or a young wife,
DAnd a state trooper knocking in the middle of the night,
A E A Asus4 A To say your baby died in a wreck on the highway
Asus2 A Asus4 ASometimes I sit up in the darkness,
E Esus4 EAnd I watch my baby as she sleeps
AThen I climb in bed and I hold her tight,
DI just lay there awake in the middle of the night,
A E A Asus4 A Thinking 'bout the wreck on the highway
F#m A Asus4 A Set8
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