Bruce Springsteen – Local Hero chords

"Local Hero"
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Lucky Town

| Bb | Eb | Bb | Eb

BbI was driving through my hometown
Eb BbI was just kinda killin' time
When I seen a face staring out of black velvet painting
F Eb BbFrom the window of the five and dime
I couldn't quite recall the name
Eb BbBut the pose looked familiar to me
So I asked the salesgirl, "Who was that man
F BbBetween the doberman and Bruce Lee?"
Eb BbShe said, "Just a local hero"
Eb Bb"Local hero," she said with a smile
Eb Bb Eb Bb | Bb | Eb | Bb | Eb"Yeah a local hero he used to live here for a while."
BbI met a stranger dressed in black
At the train station
Eb BbHe said, "Son your soul can be saved"
There's beautiful women nights of low livin'
F Eb BbAnd some dangerous money to be made
There's a big town 'cross the whiskey line
Eb BbAnd if we turn the right cards up
They make us boss the devil pays off
F BbAnd them folks that are real hard up
Eb BbThey get their local hero
Eb BbYeah, somebody with the right style
Eb BbThey get their local hero
Eb Bb | Bb | Eb | Bb | EbSomebody with just the right smile
BbWell I learned my job I learned it well
Eb BbFit myself with religion and a story to tell
Eb BbFirst they made me the king then they made me pope
Eb Bb | Eb | Bb | Eb | Bb | EbWell, then they brought the rope
BbI woke to a gypsy girl sayin', "Drink this"
Eb BbWell my hands had lost all sensation
These days I'm feeling all right
F Eb Bb'Cept I can't tell my courge from my desperation
From the tainted chalice
Eb BbWel I drunk some heady wine
Tonight I'm layin' here But there's something in my ear
F BbSayin' there's a little town just beneath the floodline
Eb BbNeeds a local hero
Eb BbYeah, somebody with the right style
Eb BbLookin' for a local hero
Eb BbYeah, someone with the right smile
Eb Bb Eb BbLookin' for a local hero, yeah somebody woth the right smile
(fade out)
Bb Eb F-6--6--1--6--8-1--7--8--2--8--8--3--8--6--3--6-----1-
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