Bruce Springsteen – The Last Carnival chords

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The Last Carnival chords
Bruce Springsteen

Capo III

G C D  4x

C/G C/G C/G C/G  D

C G C G Sun down, sun down,
C G C Gthey're taking all the tents down
C GWhere have you gone my handsome Billy?
C G C G Sun down, sun down,
C G C Gthe carnival trains leaving town
C GWhere are you now darling Billy?
D C D We won't be dancing together on the high wire,
C D C facing the lions with you at my side anymore
D C DWe won't be breathing the smoke and the fire,
C/G C/G C/G C/G Don a midway
D Hanging from the trapeze,
C Dmy wrists waiting for your wrists
C DTwo daredevils high upon the wall of death
C D You throwing the knife, it lands inches from my heart
C/G C/G C/G C/G Sun down
CMoon rise, moon rise,
G D C Gthe light that was in your eyes is gone away
C Daybreak, daybreak,
G D C Gthe thing in you that made me ache is gonna stay
D C DWe'll be riding the train without you tonight
C G The train that keeps on moving,
C Git s black smoke scorching the evening sky
D C DMillions of stars shining above us like every soul living and dead
It's been gathered together by God,
C Dsing a hymn over your bones
C G C G Sun down, sun down,
C G C G Empty are the fairgrounds
C GWhere are you now handsome Billy?
G C D Dsus4 DHi Hi Hi . . . .
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