Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown chords

my first tab

Capo on 2nd

(G)I was eight years old and running with a (C)dime (G)in my (D)hand

Into the bus stop to pick up a paper for (G)my (D)old (C)man
(G)I'd sit on his lap in that  big old Buick and (C)steer as we (G)drove through (D)town
He'd tousle my hair and  he d say son take a (G)good (D)look (C)around
(G)This is your hometown, (C)your (G)home (D)town
This is your hometown, (G)your (D)home(C)town, (G)this is your home town

(G)In 65   tension was running high at (C)my (G)high (D)school
There was a lot of fights between the black and white
There was (G)nothing (D)you could (C)do

(G)Two cars at a light on a Saturday night in the (C)back seat (G)was a (D)gun
Words were passed  a    shotgun blast
Troubled (G)times (D)had (C)come  to (G)my hometown

(C)My (G)home(D)town, my   hometown,(G)my   (D)home(C)town, (G)my hometown

(C)Now Main Street's whitewashed windows and (G)vacant stores
(C)Seems like there ain't nobody wants to come (G)down here no more
(C)They're closing down the textile mill (G)across the railroad tracks
(C)Foreman says these jobs are going boys and (G)they ain't (C)coming (D)back to

(G)Your hometown,(C)your (G)home(D)town, your hometown, (G)your (D)home(C)town, (G)your hometown

(G)Last night me and Kate we laid in bed (C)talking about (G)getting (D)out

Packing up  our   bags  (G)maybe (D)heading (C)south

(G)I'm thirty-five we got a boy of (C)our (G)own (D)now

Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said (G)son take a (D)good look (C)around
(G)This is your hometown
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