Bruce Springsteen – Death To My Hometown chords ver. 2

From the Album: Wrecking Ball

Capo on 3rd fret

C F(Chant)
C F Oh no cannonball did fly, no rifles cut us down
C FNo bombs fell from the sky, no blood did soak the ground
C FNo powder flash blinded the eye, no deathly thunder sounded
C C G CBut just as sure as the hand of God, they brought death to my hometown
C C G CThey brought death to my hometown, boys
C F(Chant)
C F No shells ripped the evening sky, no cities burning down
C FNo armies stormed the shores for which we'd die no dictators were crowned
C FI awoke from a quiet night, I never heard a sound
C C G C Marauders raided in the dark and brought death to my hometown, boys
C G CDeath to my hometown
C F(Chant)
F CThey destroyed our families' factories and they took our homes
F C GThey left our bodies on the plains, the vultures picked our bones
C FSo listen up, my sonny boy, be ready for when they come
C FFor they'll be returning sure as the rising sun
C FNow get yourself a song to sing and sing it 'til you're done
F C F CYeah, sing it hard and sing it well
F C F CSend the robber barons straight to hell
F C F CThe greedy thieves who came around
F C F CAnd ate the flesh of everything they found
F C F CWhose crimes have gone unpunished now
F C F C Who walk the streets as free men now
C G C Oh they brought death to our hometown, boys
C G CDeath to our hometown, boys
C G CDeath to our hometown, boys
C G CDeath to our hometown, whoa!
C F(Chant)
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