Fade To Black chords with lyrics by Bruce Springsteen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bruce Springsteen – Fade To Black chords

I only heard two chords throughout the whole song, just back and forth.
His guitar was a bit sharp on the one I listened to so playing along with it might not 
be pretty.

(It starts out with a single-strummed A chord)

A DSunday matinee
AIn a one dog town
DYou're two seats away
AI move two seats down
DWipe the tears from your eyes
AThe first kiss I stole
DI walk you home
AThe credits roll
DFade to black
AFade to black
DFade to black
AFade to black
I hear my voice On the telephone But I'm just running The same old business I feel like I'm off Somewhere so alone Just watching us both Running the distance Watching us both Slowly pull back Fade to black Fade to black Fade to black I come home Clothes all over the place You're crying in the corner Makeup running down your face Your case is packed The fight starts I end up cursin' Baby is this the scene Which we been rehearsin' Is this the one Or have I lost track Waitin' for us To fade to black Fade to black Fade to black Fade to black A face wet with shame Eyes filled with hurt I scream out your name You rip my shirt A small bungalow A late afternoon The sunlight falls Like a bright veil A camera pans An empty room The picture dissolves Slowly pulls back Fade to black Fade to black Fade to black
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