Bruce Springsteen – Nothing Man tab

Probably the best song of his album "The Rising"

Capo 1st fret

Chords used

G   320033
D   XX0232
Bm  X24432
A   X02220

Intro-D D G Bm D D G Bm

D                       G
I don't remember how I felt
        Bm                D
I never thought I'd live
To read about myself
      Bm               D
In my hometown paper
How my brave young life
       Bm            D
Was forever changed
In a misty cloud
   Bm    G      D
Of pink vapor
Darlin' give me your kiss
     G          D
Only understand
  A       Bm        G  D
I am, the nothing man

A  Bm   G    D

These chords are the same throughout.

Friday night
The club meets at Al's Barbecue
The sky is still
The same unbelievable blue
Darlin' give me your kiss
Come and take my hand
I am, the nothing man

You can call me Joe
Buy me a drink and shake my hand
You want courage
I'll show you courage you can understand
The pearl and silver
Restin' on my night table
It's just me Lord
Pray I'm able
Darlin, with this kiss
Say you understand

I am, the nothing man
I am, the nothing man
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