Bruce Springsteen - County Fair tab

G 320003
C 032010
D 000323

Every year when summer comes aruond They stretch a banenr 'cross the main street in town--3--------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|--1---------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|--2---------------------------------------------------|--2--------------------------------|--3---------------------------------------------------|--3--------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|
You can fell somethin's happen' in the air Well, from Carol's house up on Telegraph Hill--3-------------------------------------2-|--3--------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------3-|-----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------2-|-----------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|--2---------------------------------------|--2--------------------------------------------|--3---------------------------------------|--3--------------------------------------------|
You can see the lights going up out in Soldiers Field Getting ready, for the county fair-----------------------------------------------------|--3-------------2-------------------|--1--------------------------------------------------|----------------3---------------1---|-----------------------------------------------------|----------------2-------------------|--2--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------2---|--3--------------------------------------------------|--2-----------------------------3---|-----------------------------------------------------|--3---------------------------------|
County fair, county fair, Everybody in town'll be there So come on, we're goin' down there--3----------------------------------------------------|-3---------------------------2----|--------------------------1----------------------------|-----------------------------3----|-------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------2----|--------------------------2----------------------------|----------------------------------|--2-----------------------3----------------------------|-2--------------------------------|--3----------------------------------------------------|-3--------------------------------|
Hey Litlle girl with the long blond hair Come win your daddy one of them stuffed bears--3-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|--1----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|--2----------------------------------------------|--2-------------------------------------|--3----------------------------------------------|--3-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|
Baby, down at the coutry fair--------3----------------------|-------------1-----------------|-------------------------------|-------------2-----------------|--------2----3-----------------|--------3----------------------|
G Now you'll be hangin' tight when we hit the top C And that rollercoaster's ready to drop G D And your braggin', how you wasn't even scared G Well baby you know I just love the sound C Of that pipe organ on the merry-go-round G C Baby, down at the county fair G County fair, county fair, C Everybody in town'll be there G D So come on, hey we're goin' down there G (hey) Little girl with the long blond hair C Come win your daddy one of them stuffed bears G C Baby, down at the country fair G At the north end of the field they set up a stand C And they got a little rock and roll band G D People dancin' out in the open air G It's James Young and the Immortal Ones C Two guitars, (baby) bass and drums G D Just rockin', down at the county fair G (well) County fair, county fair C Everybody in town'll be there G D So come on, we're goin' down there G Little girl with the long blond hair C Come win your daddy one of them stuffed bears G D Baby, down at the county fair G Now it's getting late before we head back to town C We let that fortune wheel spin around G D Come on mister tell me what's waiting out there G On my way out I steal a kiss in the dark C Hope I can remember where our car's parked G D Baby, out at the county fair G Now off down the highway there's the last stream of cars C We sit a while in my front yard G D With the radio playin' soft and low G I pull Carol close to my heart C And I lean back and stare up at the stars G D Oh I wish, I'd never have to let this moment go
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