Bruce Springsteen – Girls In Their Summer Clothes tab

Girls in Their Summer Clothes

- Capo on 5th fret makes this Springsteen song easy to play and gives a great sounding intro.
(Use Courier font for correct chord placement)

capo 5th (G = C)


Intro : G C---------------------------------------------------|x2--0--0----0---0--0-----0---0-----1-0-------1-0-----|--0--0--2-0-2-0--0---2-0-2-0--0--0-0--2-0--0-0--2--|--0--0--0-0-0-0--0---0-0-0-0--2--2-2--2-2--2-2--2--|--2--2--2---2----2---2---2----3--3-3--3-3--3-3--3--|--3--3--3---3----3---------------------------------| (2nd time) Well, the street lights...
C G Well the street lights shine C G D Down on Blessing Avenue D G Lovers they walk by C D Holdin' hands two by two D G A breeze crosses the porch C G D Bicycle spokes spin 'round D G Jacket's on, I'm out the door C D Tonight I'm gonna burn this town down Chorus : C* G And the girls in their summer clothes C* G In the cool of the evening light C* G The girls in their summer clothes D Pass me by Kid's rubber ball smacks Off the gutter 'neath the lamp light Big bank clock chimes Off go the sleepy front porch lights Downtown the store's alive As the evening's underway Things been a little tight But I know they're gonna turn my way (Chorus) D C* Frankie's Diner's F C Over on the edge of town F Em Neon sign spinnin' round D7 G C* Like a cross over the Lost and Found C* F Fluorescent lights F C Flicker above Bob's Grill F Em Shaniqua brings a coffee and asks "Fill?" D7 G C D And says "Penny for your thoughts now, my poor Bill" She went away She cut me like a knife Had a beautiful thing Maybe you just saved my life D C B Em In just a glance C G D Down here on Magic Street D C B Em Love's a fool's dance C G C G D I ain't got much sense but I still got my feet (Chorus) C* G And the girls in their summer clothes C* G B In the cool of the evening light Em C The girls in their summer clothes D Pass me by La-La-La-La (fade...)
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